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CST Studio Suite® - Electromagnetic simulation software (EM)

3D electromagnetic simulation dedicated to the design, analysis and optimisation of electromagnetic devices

Stimulate innovation in the electromagnetic industry

What is CST Studio Suite®? Discover in 5 minutes the challenges and benefits of the solution


CST Studio Suite® stands for Computer Simulation Technology and is a suite of tools that can cover a wide range of applications. The use of simulation to analyse complex electromagnetic (EM) systems allows engineers to boost their development process by performing hybrid simulations combining solvers.

This solution makes it easier for users to quickly study entire systems. In addition to electromagnetic (EM) analysis, the solution can be used to understand technologies in a variety of fields: antenna design, motor design and scientific research.

Optimise electromagnetic field analysis

CST Studio Suite® is a solution dedicated to the design, analysis and optimisation of electromagnetic components. It provides access to numerous electromagnetic (EM) simulation solvers that use:

  • The finite element method (FEM),
  • The finite integration technique (FIT),
  • The transmission line matrix (TLM).

In addition to these basic solvers, there are also additional solvers which are the following:

High frequency simulation:
  • Asymptotic
  • Eigenmode
  • Filter Designer 3D
  • Frequency Domain
  • Integral Equation
  • Multilayer
  • Time Domain
  • Hybrid Solver Task
Low frequency simulation:
  • Electrostatic
  • Stationary Current
  • Magnetostatic
  • Low Frequency – Frequency Domain
  • Low Frequency – Time Domain
  • Thermal Steady State Solver
  • Thermal Transient Solver
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer Solver
  • Mechanical Solver
  • Particle-in-Cell
  • Particle Tracking
  • Wakefield

You have a project related to electromagnetic simulation?

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Releases 2022 of CST Studio Suite

The latest release of SIMULIA CST Studio Suite is now available. Discover the key new features that is available in CST Studio Suite 2022.

This webinar highlights technology updates in the major industrial process like antenna and microwave component engineering, aerospace communication and electronic design. You will discover:

  • Advanced Modeling and Post-processing
  • Antenna and Microwave Component Design
  • Communication and Detection
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Interference
  • Electronics
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Electromagnetics Portfolio
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